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Boskop Yachting Club 018-289-1112clubs
Country Club 018-293-0210clubs
Gary Beneke's Cycling Club 082-495-2359clubs
Landboukollege Golf Club 018-299-6793clubs
PCC Bowling Club 018-294-5560clubs
Potch Horse Riding Club 018-294-5781clubs
Potchefstroom Bowling Club 018-294-6078clubs
Potchefstroom Golf Club 018-293-0210clubs
Potchefstroom Rugby Club 018-294-8252clubs
Creative Image 018-293-2767none
African Methodist Church 018-295-0214religion
Afrikaanse Protestantse Kerk 018-294-6417religion
Apostoliese Geloofsending van SA 018-290-7784religion
Catholic Church 018-294-3829religion
Christian Fellowship 018-293-0239religion
Church of Jesus Christ Latherday Saint 018-293-3479religion
Church of the Province of SA 018-294-8066religion
Die Kerk van die Nazarener 018-294-5611religion
Elgrow Gemeente 018-294-4856religion
Evangelies Gereformeerde Kerk van SA 018-297-1654religion
Gereformeerde Kerk in SA 018-297-3986religion
His People Christian Church 018-297-8429religion
Jehovah's Witnesses 018-294-8078religion
Lede in Christus-Gemeente 018-290-6015religion
Methodist Church 018-295-0219religion
Methodist Church in Africa 018-295-2567religion
Muslim Congregation 018-296-1191religion
N G Kerk 018-297-7401religion
N G Kerk in Afrika 018-290-7524religion
Ned Geref Kerk 018-293-0134religion
Ned Geref Kerk in Afrika 018-295-0218religion
Ned Hervormde Kerk 018-290-6658religion
Pinkster Protestante Kerk 018-294-5587religion
Windknot Flyfishing and Conservation Club 076-123-1609social_other