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Gateway Potchefstroom

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Absolute Hi-Fi 018-297-6646business_other
Avlock International 018-294-4215business_other
Avlock International 018-294-4215business_other
Bernfo 018-293-2047business_other
JVM Aluminium & Glass 018-293-3711business_other
Omnia Kunsmis Bpk 018-290-6525business_other
Staalbeer (EDMS) bpk 018-297-5320business_other
Stone Dynamics 018-293-2854business_other
Thermo+Solar 082-567-7239business_other
WSMLeshika Consulting (Pty) Ltd. 082-467-0967business_other
ZAISP Computers CC 018-293-2790business_other
Marlaw Ozone Health Centre 018-293-2829health_clubs
Albert's Bricks 018-297-1464manufacturing
Bens Construction 083-996-1212manufacturing
Bert's Bricks 018-292-1615manufacturing
Berts Bricks 018-292-1615manufacturing
Joshua Smith Roofing 018-297-1034manufacturing
Maximus Bricks (Pty) Ltd 018-291-1326manufacturing
North West Bricks 018-297-2004manufacturing
Plan Wise 018-294-7233manufacturing
Potch Beton & Plaveisel 018-294-5169manufacturing
Smartstone Northwest 018-290-8780manufacturing
We - Do Construction & Building 071-512-0594manufacturing
Big B Chickens 018-294-8041manufacturing
Fouries Poultry Farms (Pty) Ltd 018-293-0202manufacturing
Potchefstroom Beverages 018-294-3261manufacturing
Air Liquid Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd 018-297-5348manufacturing
HI-TECH Autolec 018-294-6367manufacturing
Merward Engineering 018-293-0306manufacturing
Red Spot Soap Factory 018-297-2929manufacturing
Rutherford Staal 018-294-3856manufacturing
Potchefstroom Herald 018-293-0750manufacturing
Silver Solutions 083-294-7821manufacturing
Canvalodge Mnf CC 018-290-7210none
Crime Scene Clean Up NW 072-114-2845none
Golden Paving Construction 082-802-2664none
Xuxa Productions, Events and Marketing 018-294-7174none
Pedigree Paws 082-441-3235none
Fourie's Piggery 018-291-1021production
Afrikaner Slaghuis 018-294-6635retail
Andre Vleismark 018-290-5322retail
B & B Varsvleis 018-293-0904retail
Boeremark Slaghuis 018-294-6001retail
Die Vleismark 018-297-1841retail
Impala Slaghuis 018-297-1171retail
Industriele Slaghuis 018-294-6636retail
Mooirivier Slaghuis 018-294-3982retail
Mosidi's Butchery 018-295-2427retail
Mr Meat Mr Biltong 018-294-5538retail
North West Meat Market 018-297-0798retail
Ouma se Vleismark 018-298-1100retail
Overland Meat & Chicken 018-294-7434retail
Akerman's 018-294-3794retail
Andre's Boutique 018-294-4925retail
Baby Go Round 018-293-1088retail
Foschini 018-294-8835retail
G Kids Clothing & Accessories 018-297-7073retail
Jet 018-297-4378retail
Miladys 018-297-4461retail
Mr Price 018-293-1010retail
Paradise Fashion 018-297-8915retail
Penny Royale 018-293-2395retail
Pep Stores 018-294-6264retail
Allo Vegetable & Fruit 018-294-5591retail
Apollo Fish and Chips 018-294-5180retail
Baillie Park Kwik Spar 018-290-5692retail
Friendly Supermarket 018-293-3241retail
Fruit & Veg City 018-294-3047retail
Gio's Fruit & Veg 018-293-3078retail
Industria Fruit Store 018-294-7946retail
Insleep Supermark 018-294-6039retail
Jazz Supermarket 018-294-4194retail
Jenni's Quality Foods 018-293-1623retail
Miederpark Superama 018-294-6797retail
Mr Salad 018-294-3999retail
OK Grocer Bult 018-294-6674retail
Oudedorp Supermark 018-298-1362retail
Park Cafe 018-297-1911retail
Blue Tek Computers 018-297-0164retail
Builders Paradise 018-294-8051retail
D I Y Hardware 018-294-7423retail
EB's Hardware 018-297-1447retail
Easy Drill CC 018-294-5443retail
Timbercity Potchefstroom 018-297-6511retail
American Swiss Jewellers (Pty) Ltd 018-294-7930retail
Crest Jewellers 018-294-3622retail
Le Roi Diamante 018-290-8334retail
Bailliepark Bottlestore 018-290-7404retail
Barney's Drankwinkel 018-293-0123retail
Bult Drankwinkel 018-293-2237retail
Harry se Drankwinkel 018-294-8819retail
Liberty Liquor 2 018-297-4481retail
Liberty Liquor Warehouse 018-293-0580retail
Noord-Wes Drankwinkel 018-294-6283retail
North West Liquor 018-294-6283retail
Omega Liquor Store 018-293-1623retail
A J R Motorworld 018-297-1111retail
Affordable Cars 018-294-3754retail
Autozone 018-297-4849retail
Autozone 018-297-4849retail
Avante Motors 018-293-0214retail
Bike Centre 018-294-7834retail
Bikers Paradise 018-297-4700retail
Canopy Empire 018-297-7779retail
Dada Motors 018-294-5516retail
Daly Auto 018-293-0612retail
Ford Dealers 018-293-0612retail
Henna Motors 018-290-9900retail
J & B Motors 018-297-3424retail
Kyalami Motors (Pty) Ltd 018-297-3921retail
L & J Motors 018-294-4864retail
Land Rover Dealers 018-293-0612retail
Madiba Motors 018-297-5538retail
Mahindra North West 018-297-0000retail
Mazda Dealers 018-293-0612retail
Mega Motors 018-294-3630retail
Motormark 018-297-0557retail
N B Car Sales 018-294-6169retail
Nissan Agents 018-294-5218retail
P & T Motors 018-293-0971retail
Biltong and Sweets World 018-297-6913retail
Little Pet Shop 018-293-1232retail
little pet shop 018-293-1232retail
Computer Corporation Pocthefstroom 018-293-0999retail
Boys Kantoormeubels & Skryfbehoeftes 018-297-5307retail
Budgets Office Supplies 018-294-5003retail
Canon 018-297-4488retail
Gizmo Office Solutions 018-293-2818retail
ITEC 018-294-8171retail
Jabulani Office Equipment 018-293-1954retail
Mahube Office Automation 018-293-1259retail
Minolta 018-293-2031retail
N B Enterprize 018-294-4382retail
Nashua North West 018-294-5302retail
North West Minolta 018-293-2031retail
North West Stationers 018-297-8757retail
P I V Kantoortoerusting 018-293-3705retail
PCI Computers 018-293-0421retail
Panasonic Business Systems 018-290-7088retail
Acme Stores - Furniture Dealers 018-297-3877retail
Afrox Ltd 018-297-1702retail
Badkamerwinkel 018-294-5753retail
Banks Decorating Warehouse 018-294-3062retail
Barnetts Furnishers 018-294-3681retail
Beares 018-293-2274retail
Bradlows 018-294-4288retail
C N A Riverwalk 018-294-3613retail
C T M 018-294-3011retail
Cardies 018-293-2561retail
Chalet Kwekery 018-290-8236retail
Clicks Store 018-293-0242retail
Clicks Store 018-293-0242retail
D I Pharmaceuticals 018-297-4072retail
D P I Plastics Pipes & Fittings 018-297-4687retail
Die Blomwinkeltjie 018-297-4902retail
Dingo Cycles 018-293-3456retail
Diskom Discount Stores 018-293-2109retail
Electric Express 018-294-5884retail
Ellerines Furnishers 018-293-1521retail
Fantasy Gifts 018-290-7232retail
Fascination Books 018-294-4308retail
Garden & Power Products 018-293-2741retail
Garden Pavilion 018-290-6113retail
Geen & Richards 018-297-3881retail
Golden West Mining Supplies 018-293-0435retail
H J & NR Building & Mining Supplies 018-297-5293retail
Habitat Verwe 018-294-5008retail
J J Granite & Marble 018-293-0578retail
Jasmyn Blomme & Geskenke 018-294-4641retail
Jungle Gym Pro 083-306-0070retail
King Carpets & Lights Trust 018-297-7712retail
Lapa King 018-298-1294retail
Lee Mining Supplies 018-294-8305retail
Liberty Marble & Granite 018-294-4995retail
Lubners Furnishers 018-297-5209retail
Lyncor Graniet Grafstene 018-297-6633retail
MTN Authorised & Franchise Dealer 018-294-5194retail
Makro's Pet Shop 018-297-8827retail
Maverick's Pet Health Food 018-297-1846retail
Midas 018-294-8886retail
Mooirivier Meubels 018-297-0900retail
Mooirivier Rekenaars 018-294-3129retail
Moredou Furnishers (Pty) Ltd 018-294-5181retail
Morkels 018-297-3981retail
Music Mania 018-293-1439retail
Musica 018-293-1439retail
Musikland 018-297-5567retail
N B Cash & Carry 018-294-5431retail
N B Fabric & Linen 018-294-6277retail
N B Kitchen Kingdom 018-294-4383retail
Naschem 018-299-8500retail
Nexis Computers 018-293-2994retail
OK Furniture 018-294-7040retail
Omnia Kunsmis 018-294-8644retail
One Price Store 018-297-3259retail
Ons Glas 018-297-5480retail
Orbicon One 018-297-6844retail
P G Glass 018-293-0532retail
Panasonic Air conditioners & Ventilating Systems 018-297-4596retail
Park Gifts & Florists 018-294-4859retail
Paryslaan Kwekery 018-290-6113retail
Planet Stationery 018-293-3469retail
Cash Crusaders 018-294-5674retail
Mooirivier Pandwinkel 018-294-8112retail
A K Sport & Leisure 018-297-7860retail
Carrim Sports & Fashion Wear 018-297-6813retail
L B Shoe & Sports 018-294-4418retail
Le Tour Cycle Specialists 018-290-7394retail
Mandies Sport 018-290-5937retail
Park Fietswinkel 018-294-4731retail
A & E Bookkeeping Services 018-290-5023services
Coetzee Financial Accountants 018-290-9747services
Hein Pretorius Rekenmeester 018-297-5728services
Kobus van Zyl Rekenmeesters 018-290-5018services
Newton Walker Accountants 018-294-3365services
Gizmo Designs 018-293-2818services
Arc Du Ple Architects 018-294-5250services
Conradie Architects 018-294-8828services
Mhiduve Consulting (Pty) Ltd 018-297-8829services
Naren Mistry Architects 018-297-1725services
ABSA Bank 018-293-8700services
Absa 018-294-2740services
African Bank Ltd 018-294-4635services
FNB 018-293-9750services
FNB 018-294-3424services
First National Bank 018-294-4241services
Land Bank 018-294-5391services
Nedbank 018-293-9800services
Old Mutual 018-294-5231services
Old Mutual 018-297-7310services
Standard Bank 018-297-7308services
Standard Bank 018-293-8500services
Abbey's Hair Salon 018-295-2880services
Annique Skoonheid Salon 018-294-5317services
Beauty Hair Salon 018-294-8531services
Colour Xtreme Nail Studio 018-293-1442services
Derma Pro Beauty Clinic 018-293-2445services
Dream Nails 018-294-8457services
Freddy's Unisex Salon 018-293-1345services
Hadassah Clinic 018-290-6470services
Hair Club Unisex 018-293-2449services
Health & Beauty by Annique 018-294-5371services
Kwandaa Rocks Hair and Beauty Salon 018-293-2732services
A G Construction 018-290-5562services
B & S Construction 018-294-6131services
Delta Staalwerke 018-297-5541services
Elec Mac Contractors 018-297-9168services
Glenads Building Contractors CC 018-291-1507services
Avanti Party Hire 083-533-9331services
Julipo Couriers 018-468-8860services
Piek-Up Express Courier Services 086-111-1927services
Post Office 018-290-5821services
Dr Dennis & Linda Du Toit 018-294-4324services
Dr P J Beukes Tandarts 018-294-4325services
Impressions Dry Cleaners 018-297-0836services
A C Elpro Electrical Refrigeration & Spares 018-293-0396services
Andre's Aircon & Refrigeration Services 018-297-4596services
Best Electrical 018-297-6942services
Elec Mac Electrical 018-297-8168services
Electrostar Electrical 018-297-5520services
Elpro Electrical and Refridgeration 018-297-4591services
Huyzers Elektriese Dienste 018-294-5086services
Lincoln Electric 086-054-6265services
Marnat Elektriese Dienste 018-290-7334services
Friendly Locksmith 076-218-2000services
Africon Engineering & Labour Hire 018-290-0042services
Arius Services & Products (Pty) Ltd 018-294-3291services
B K S (Pty) Ltd 018-294-8838services
Einstein Electrical Engineers 018-290-7932services
Franzell Engineering & Construction Contractors 083-229-2978services
Geyer Engineering 018-294-3049services
J R On Site Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd 018-291-1379services
Khatima Engineering Services 018-293-3965services
Merward Engineering 018-293-0306services
Metser Engineering Products 018-293-0658services
Mhiduve Consulting 018-297-8829services
Mildsteel Engineering 018-294-6819services
Rovic Engineering (PTY) 018-297-1319services
Van der Linde Engineering 084-457-1817services
A B C Cash Plus & Funeral Provider 018-294-6753services
A M G Cash Loans 018-293-3839services
Agathos Bluestar 018-293-9469services
Avante Cash Loans 018-294-7327services
CIP - Debt Counsellors 018-293-1434services
Elite Cash Loans 018-293-1771services
Erasmus & Farmer Professionele Rekenmeesters 083-639-1181services
F F G - Futurum Financial Group 018-293-0656services
MarisIT 082-458-9272services
Mr Cash Loans 018-293-2685services
Avbob 018-294-3269services
Dorotian Funeral Services 018-297-3672services
Freddie Swanepoel Begrafnisdienste 018-297-1388services
Funeral 2000 018-293-0692services
Martins Funeral Services 018-297-0982services
Molefe City Funerals 018-297-7426services
Obie's Grassnyer Dienste 018-293-1939services
Advert Square 086-111-1927services
Certain T-Shirts 018-297-4061services
Woema Graphic & Website design 083-333-4516services
APBCO Versekeringsmakerlaars 018-297-0044services
Albert Stafford Makelaars 018-297-0008services
Charter Life Insurance Co Ltd 018-297-8024services
Christo Meintjies Makelaars 018-297-5256services
Crime Scene Clean Up North West 072-114-2845services
Herman Smit Versekeringsmakelaars 018-294-3354services
Momentum 086-011-4930services
Nova Versekeringsmakelaars 018-297-2079services
T J Olivier & Mans 018-293-0452services
Botha Ingrid Labour Services 018-290-5560services
Causa Labour Solutions 018-297-6645services
Enable Employment Services 018-293-1805services
H & L Consultants 018-290-7195services
KEC Labour Consultants 018-290-7624services
Oryx Personnel & Associates 018-293-2815services
A A Attorneys 018-297-5598services
Andre May Attorneys 018-294-5841services
Awie Wright Attorneys 018-297-5575services
Carel Erasmus-Gaisfords Attorneys 018-297-5201services
Coetzee Prokureurs 018-297-7311services
Danie Richards Attorneys 018-297-8527services
De Villiers Attorneys 018-297-2090services
Delport Kobus & Kie 018-294-5611services
Ellis & Naude Attorneys 018-294-3282services
Fourie & Pieters Attorneys 018-293-0271services
Frans Kruger Prokureurs 018-293-0552services
Gerrit Coetzee Prokureurs 018-297-1310services
Gibbens G C 018-294-5251services
Gouws Hans Attorneys 018-297-7549services
Groenewald Hantie Prokureurs 018-297-3373services
Hannatjie van der Merwe Attorneys 018-293-1587services
Huisamen Attorneys 018-297-6123services
Jansen Jacques Attorneys 018-293-1011services
Jardaan Willie Prokureurs 018-294-8583services
Jeppe & Gabru Attorneys 018-297-8286services
Johan Horn Prokureurs 018-293-1144services
Johnny Ford & Kie 018-297-3833services
Klynveld – Gibbens 018-294-5251services
Kobus Delport & Kie 018-297-3666services
Kok & Van Staden Prokureurs 018-293-1891services
Moodie Prokureurs 018-293-0562services
Muller Mostert & Partners Attorneys 018-297-3841services
Neil Esterhuysen Prokureurs 018-293-2623services
TJ NAUDE PROKUREURS / ATTORNEYS 018-293-1753services
Dr Andre Heyns Gynecologist 018-294-8255services
Dr T. Chambers Chiropractor 018-294-6040services
Mens Clinic International (Pty) Ltd 086-036-2867services
PRETland Kliniek vir Kinderkinetika 018-299-1773services
Sentrum vir Diabete (Cornel Joubert) 083-379-6148services
Herald Newspaper 018-293-0750services
Mooivaal Media 018-293-0750services
North West Gazette 018-293-0750services
Anso Kunssentrum 018-294-8191services
Atlantic Internet Services 086-110-7107services
Eunice Bierman Audiologist 018-293-0567services
Fiele Services 018-290-1414services
Plumcor Loodgieter 083-626-6474services
Powerdrive BK 018-297-7801services
Talisman Plant & Tool Hire 018-293-2699services
Carl Grobler Optometrist 018-294-3241services
E W Grobler Optometrist 018-293-0380services
Oryx Personnel and Associates 018-294-4664services
The Human Capital Group 018-293-3607services
Alpha Chemist 018-297-5366services
Bothastraat Apteek 018-294-7714services
Cachet Apteek 018-294-4201services
Kampus Apteek 018-294-4072services
La Sante Pharmacy 018-297-2122services
Medi Plus Pharmacy 018-290-8083services
Medicine Chain Pharmacy 018-297-1769services
Medina Pharmacy 018-293-3665services
Miederpark Apteek 018-293-2222services
Mooirivier Apteek 018-297-7247services
Olien Pharmacy 018-293-1812services
Hot Shot Photique 071-354-6244services
Du Preez Loodgieters 018-294-8170services
Ernies Loodgieters 018-293-0026services
Hallaby Plumbers 018-297-0210services
Loo Mac Plumbers 018-297-8168services
North West Plumbing Contractors 018-297-1265services
Plumcor Loodgieters 083-626-6474services
Quick Fit Plumbing 082-964-0418services
Goldline Signs & Screen Printers CC 018-294-6618services
Jetline 018-297-7438services
Kodak Agente Topcolour 018-297-0835services
Lombard Print CC 018-294-5559services
Noordwes Drukkery 018-297-3831services
North West Signs 018-297-7361services
AIDA Properties 018-294-4295services
Alternative Property Marketing 018-297-8120services
Big Realestate 082-438-8620services
Bult Eiendomme 018-297-3201services
El Grande Real Estate 018-293-0876services
Emerald Sky Properties 018-293-0368services
Fine Living Real Estate 018-293-2520services
Homenet 018-294-3385services
Huizemark 018-297-8338services
Kruger T G Eiendomsagentskap 018-294-6544services
Luyt Eiendomme 018-297-8339services
Marizelle Eiendomme 018-290-7658services
Meyer & Co Estate Agents 018-294-5365services
Mooirivier Eiendomme 018-297-5027services
Pam Golding Properties 018-293-2042services
Property Profile Group 018-293-2883services
C S S Potchefstroom (Pty) Ltd 018-294-5629services
Cectronic's Security Systems 018-293-1582services
Charlie's Security 018-294-6065services
Deltronics Security 018-293-1402services
Electro Security Services 018-290-6690services
Fest Fire Security (Pty) Ltd 018-293-0776services
Gray Security Services (Pty) Ltd 018-297-5033services
J D R Executive Guards 018-297-4746services
JDB Security Projects 071-496-7027services
Mooirivier Beskerming 018-297-0796services
Net Star 018-293-2967services
TOGRA 018-297-1488services
Bult Garage CC 018-293-0155services
Emslies Service Station 018-294-7442services
Ikageng Service Station 084-442-7666services
J & B Motors 018-297-3424services
Kampus Diensstasie 018-293-0149services
Milali Motors 018-297-0342services
Mr Doe Filling Station 018-297-3430services
Potch Excel 018-294-8322services
Potch Sasol 018-294-8322services
Potch Truck Inn 018-290-1121services
Ren Convenience Centre 018-293-1007services
Uncle Arthur's 018-297-1908services
Van's Service Station 018-294-6478services
Zenex Kruis 018-297-0858services
Zenex Miederpark 018-294-8086services
Zwelies Service Station 018-295-2523services
Advantage Microsystems 018-297-7210services
Elite Computer Services 018-293-0331services
Gizmo Office Solutions 018-293-2818services
Reedflute Software Solutions 018-293-3236services
Aerolite Think Pink Ceiling 080-001-0000services
Aruis Services and Products 018-294-3291services
Bafana Bafana Entertainment Centre 018-293-1517services
Beauty & The Beast Hondesalon 018-294-4373services
Bernina 018-293-3822services
Bezuidenhout & Steyn Auditors 018-297-5457services
Carpet Cleaning Specialist 086-110-1766services
Charl Coetzer Inc. - Industrial Psychologists 018-293-3987services
Contract Cleaning Specialists SA (Pty) Ltd 086-008-0808services
Creative Photography & Video 018-294-8324services
D H L International 018-297-5272services
DPI Plastic Pipes and Fittings 018-294-4687services
Debt Sense Group 018-297-8484services
Dellas Glas 018-294-3209services
Dierebeskermingsvereniging 018-294-3856services
Discovery Consulting Services 018-293-2779services
Early Bird Services – Tv & Video Repairs 086-113-1313services
Floor Sanding 082-674-1066services
Four Seasons Caterers 018-290-6776services
Francois Coetzee & Kie Ouditeure 018-294-6149services
Gerhard van Wyk Makelaar 018-297-7824services
Glasfit 018-294-4284services
H G K Debt Collectors 018-297-0196services
Handigas 018-297-3716services
J & H Furniture Removals 018-290-6755services
J D Zimix Marketing & Construction 018-295-3660services
JFC Safety Services 018-293-2938services
James Shoe Repair 018-295-1357services
K D D Construction 018-293-2155services
Kimleigh Chemicals 018-293-1028services
Klaas Wyma Makelaar 018-297-7957services
Koek & Suikerkuns 018-294-4494services
Lektratek Instrumentasie 018-297-4663services
Lektratek Water Tegnologie 018-293-0487services
Lemmer Cronje – Fashion Designers 018-294-7678services
Medicross Healthcare Group (Pty) 086-010-1151services
Modern Auto Trimmers & Upholsterers 018-294-7459services
Mooirivier Painters 018-298-1073services
Mr Chatter Phone Services 018-294-6153services
Muckle Plant & Tool Hire 018-293-2716services
Multicare 018-293-3785services
Neethling Grasdakke 018-291-1253services
North West Medical Waste 018-297-0705services
Nortier Konstruksie 018-293-1448services
Old Mutual 018-294-5231services
Ons Spens Spyseniers 018-297-4694services
Pest Control Professionals 018-293-2261services
Pestatermite Pest Control 018-381-1390services
Pheiffer Professionele Konstruksiedienste 071-436-9066services
Sonskyn Skoonmaakdienste 082-582-6866services
Arrow Routes 082-951-6304services
Avis Rent-a-Car 018-290-8535services
Beytell Busdiens & Meubelvervoeders 018-290-5033services
Budget Rent a Car 018-297-1010services
Cargo Potchefstroom (Pty) Ltd 018-293-4200services
Dawkins Furniture Removal 018-290-7053services
Kruger Busdiens 018-290-7877services
Oranje Mining & Transport 018-296-0380services
Pickfords Removals 018-297-2210services
Rhino Shuttles 011-793-2282services
Sleepwaens//Trailers//Te huur//For hire 079-769-9755services
A & N Paneelkloppers 018-294-5525services
Ankers Brake & Clutch CC 018-297-4067services
Auto Body Repairs 018-293-0680services
Auto Body Spares 018-293-2479services
Bargain Motors 018-297-8291services
Battery Centre 018-294-6367services
C H I Control 018-297-0934services
C H K Motor Spares CC 018-297-8414services
Car Electronics 018-297-6992services
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